Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letter to Secretary (Posts) Regarding discrepancies in vacancies for Inspector Posts examination 2011 at Uttar Pradesh Circle.

No. GS/AIAIASP/UP/IP-Exam-11/2014                            dated      15/5/2014

Ms. P Gopinath,
Secretary Posts,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi -110001.

Subject : Regarding discrepancies in vacancies for Inspector Posts examination 2011 at Uttar Pradesh Circle.


The IPASP Association brings to your kind notice, the irregularities being committed by Circles while calculating vacancies under different mode of promotion. Calculation of vacancies and filling thereof are governed by certain set of recruitment rules which are to be adhered to for a fair play. The basic motto of the DOP&T instructions and rules is to maintain the rota-quota principle i.e. vacancies shall be rotated to ensure that no vacancies remain unfilled if the candidates are eligible in any mode but quota shall also be maintained by restoring the vacancies in the subsequent years.

 As for the information of Association, in the last held 2011 Inspector Posts Examination, UP Circle originally communicated vacancy position to Directorate as OC-03, ST-02 and SC-Nil for the Inspector Posts Examination for the year 2011 which was revisited time and again by Directorate vide memo No.A-34012/04/2011-DE dated 22/9/2011 and 29/9/2011.In the process no one questioned the authenticity of vacancies with reference to total number of vacancies in a particular cadre. The vacancies of IP and ASP cadre are clubbed overlooking the fact that IP and ASP are different cadre and governed by different recruitment rules resulting in short/excess recruitment in a given year. This is disturbing position in PS Group “B” and in JTS level too with the result more than 25% posts in the cadre as a whole are lying vacant in circles bringing inefficiency in service.

In UP circle total IP sanctioned strength is reportedly 226 leave aside ASP cadre against which 129 IPs are working leaving 97 vacancies in the vacancy year 2011-12 which was to be filled under different mode in the ratio of 67/33% and clearing backlog if any in the same recruitment year. Moreover service/recruitment rule for the purpose of roster calculation is based on post instead vacancies. In case proper roster is maintained in Circles, there is no question of any wrong calculation but this is not happening in circles that must be subject to scanner.

Some of our members have taken vacancy calculation sheets under RTI which revealed that every time different sanctioned strength is mentioned what to talk of correct vacancy position. Apparently wrong calculation of vacancies is made in UP Circle showing wide gap between working strength and actual strength in IP Cadre. Due to wrong calculation of number of vacancies in IP Cadre, candidates qualified under LDCE 2011 could not be included in the selected merit list which is direct affect on the career progression of the aspirants. As per association expert calculation there should be 44 vacancies instead of 5 as calculated and reported by UP circle for IP Exam 2011. If this situation prevails for long then the day is not too far away when there will be complete chaos in handling charge of divisions and coping with work load.

It is therefore requested to kindly to look in to the matter personally and take appropriate action by summoning all relevant record of the IP Examination 2011 and ordering vigilance enquiry at Directorate level thereto for the natural justice to the candidates qualified under LDCE 2011. Suitable instructions may also be issued to all concerned including DE Division of Directorate to fill all the posts in IP line by calculating correct vacancy position.
Hoping for a proper course of action and line in reply.
                                                                                      Yours Sincerely,

                                           (Vilas Ingale)
                                            General Secretary                          

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