Monday, May 5, 2014

BSNL 20% Discount for Central Government Employees - Regularization of the discount scheme at a reduced 10%

In an attempt to put its troubled past behind, BSNL had, in the year 2008, announced a special Broadband plan for Central Government employees at a special 20% discount rate on usage and rental charges. 

 At a time when it was fast losing a number of fixed line subscribers, this offer made people sit up and take notice. Millions of Central Government employees and pensioners subscribed to the service at 20% discounted rate. The fact that they continue to utilize the service is indication enough of the offer’s success.

The plan was modified in April and September 2012. In order to increasing of broadband services with grace to all serving and retired Central Govt. employees, BSNL has announced a special discount scheme of 20% discount on usage and rental postpaid wireless broadband services.

After exactly a year, the discount was reduced from 20% to 10%. This has caught many by surprise. There is also an apprehension that the scheme might be completely withdrawn after a year. 

However, recently, BSNL announced that it had made regularized the scheme, much to the joy of its subscriber. In the current Information Technology obsessed world, it is unimaginable to even think about life without broadband connection. Even if it is not for the grownups, their children need broadband these days. Despite the presence of so many wireless data card connections in the market, there is none compared to BSNL. 
All Central Government Employees are advised to avail the scheme of 10% discount on the usage and rental of Broadband connections.

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