Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bihar Circle issued posting order under Rule-38 transfer cases

CPMG, Bihar Circle, Patna vide memo No. Staff/1-11/P/Ch.XV dated 13/7/2016 has issued posting order under Rule 38 of following Inspector Posts working in Gujarat / Uttar Pradesh Circle. 

1. Shri Ratikant Prasad Singh, SDI (P), Alwara Division (Gujarat) to be IRM, Kiul "PT" Division, Patna.

2. Shri Chandra Bhushan Prasad, IP, Dharampur Division, Valsad (Gujarat) to CI, Nalanda Division. 

3. Shri Deepak Kumar, IP PMU, Allhabad (Uttar Pradesh) to be IP, PMU, CO Patna

Everyone may aware that CHQ vide letter No. GS/AIAIPASP/Rule-38/TFR-IP/2014 dated 20/1/2014, 8/3/2014, 24/3/2014 and 7/7/2014 has taken up the issue of Inter Circle transfer of IPs under Rule 38 of P&T Manual Vol. IV with Directorate and in turn Directorate vide memo No. 141-121/2014-SPB-II dated 21/7/2014 directed CPMsG to consider the request of the applicants. To see the copy, please CLICK HERE. Directorate again supplied list to all circles under memo No. 13-4/2015-SPB-II dated 9/7/2015 and directed to consider the request.

CHQ has constantly pursued this vital issue with Directorate and also with concerned circles by issuing periodical reminders. During the course of visit of GS to Directorate this issue was severally discussed with the then Secretary (Posts) and present Member (P) and as per the personal requests list of applicants handed over them on 10/6/2015.  The issue was also taken up with CPMsG Gujarat/Bihar Circle under letter No. GS/AIAIPASP/Rule-38/ TFR-IP/2015 dated 15/9/2015. CS Gujarat Circle has also continuously pursued the issue with circle administration through personal discussion and meetings. 

It is directed to all Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers to go through Directorate memo No.141-121/2014-SPB-II dated 21/7/2014 (CLICK HERE) and intimate the names of the officials whose request is yet not materialized to GS. 

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