Monday, December 22, 2014

Proposal of merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B and cadre restructuring of Inspector Posts

Information called by CHQ is yet to receive from Circle Secretaries of Delhi / Gujarat / Haryana / J&K / North East / Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu circles. In absence of requisite information it is very difficult to CHQ to prepare and submit revised proposal to Directorate, even-though it has been finally decided by CHQ without waiting reply / response from circles to go ahead and submit revised proposal as discussed in the meeting held on 28/11/2014 at Directorate within a day or two.  

It was already informed to all Circle Secretaries to give extreme importance in supply of information to CHQ whenever required, but it is seen that despite repeated appeals, calls etc. there is no response from circles as discussed and promised in last CWC and AIC.  Lastly, CHQ is totally deserted and member’s expectations could not be fulfilled without help/support from everybody. But CHQ will definitely give worthy results in this vial issue for the benefit of cadre only. 

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