Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre.....updates

Today, information from following circles received 

A)        Rajasthan Circle :  

1. No. of Class-I Postal divisions in the circle - 6
2. No. of Class-I RMS divisions in the circle - 1
3. No. of Class-I Postal / RMS divisions in the circle where presently Dy. Supdt. Post is available - 4
4. No. of NSH/ICH speed post centres under Class-I Division in the circle whose incharge is from IP/ASP cadre - 1
5. No. of Postal Divisions where more than 4 ASPs are working in divisional office itself. (Not in sub divisions) - Nil
6. No. of other Class-I units (like Foreign Post /RSD/CSD etc.) where ASPs are working - Nil
7. No. of GPOs having Class-I /JAG status in the circle and No. of ASPs working in such GPOs - Nil
8. No. of HPOs having Class-I status in the circle - Nil

B) Madhya Pradesh Circle :

1-No. of class -1 postal division in MP Circle - 6
2-No. of class-1 RMS Division in MP Circle- Nil.
3-No. of Class 1 Postal/RMS division where presently Dy. Supdt. Post is available - Nil.
4-No. of SH/ICH speed post centre under class-1 division in the circle where in-charge is from IP/ASP cadre - Nil.
5-No. of postal division where more than 4 ASPOs is working in Divisional office itself - Nil.
6-No. of other class-1 unit(like foreign post, RSD, CSD)  where Asp are working - Nil.
7-No. of GPOS having class-1/JAG status in the circle and no. of ASP working in such GPOs – Nil.
8-No. of HPOs having class -1 status in the circle - Nil.

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