Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Proposal delayed for want of information from Circle Secretaries..

Circle Secretaries of Delhi / Gujarat / Haryana / J&K / Maharashtra / Madhya Pradesh / North East / Rajasthan / Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu circles are again and again requested to furnish the information on following points are awaited for preparation of fresh proposal for merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre. Besides email message, GS has issued SMS twice to Circle Secretaries. If submission of information by any CS is delayed, CHQ will not be held responsible for further consequences. 

1. No. of Class-I Postal divisions in the circle
2. No. of Class-I RMS divisions in the circle 
3. No. of Class-I Postal / RMS divisions in the circle where presently Dy. Supdt. Post is available 
4. No. of NSH/ICH speed post centres under Class-I Division in the circle whose incharge is from IP/ASP cadre. 
5. No. of Postal Divisions where more than 4 ASPs are working in divisional office itself. (Not in sub divisions) 
6. No. of other Class-I units (like Foreign Post /RSD/CSD etc.) where ASPs are working 
7. No. of GPOs having Class-I /JAG status in the circle and No. of ASPs working in such GPOs 
8. No. of HPOs having Class-I status in the circle 

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