Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holding of Bi-monthly / Four monthly meetings with administration...

It has been observed by CHQ that most of the circle branches are not taking keen interest in submission of agenda for Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings to Regional / Circle Administration and attending meetings. Therefore many individual members are directly approaching to CHQ for intervention of their grievances. 

CHQ appreciate the activities of few circles who are regularly attending the meetings and solving their problems, grievances at local/circle level only and publishing the minutes of such meetings on their circle blog. 

As per the instructions issued under No. 3-10/69-SR dated 23.2.1970 Service Association at circle level can take three items of discussion in Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings with Regional / Circle Administration. 

It has clearly mentioned in Directorate letter No. 3-17/72-SR dated 11/8/1972 that items for discussion in the agenda of the periodical meetings should be submitted within period of one month from the date of the last meeting. The explanatory note of items should be sent in sufficient detail in quadruplicate to the administration and two members can attend the meeting for which they will get special casual leave. 

It is therefore directed to all Circle Secretaries to submit their agenda to be enrolled for discussion in the Bi-monthly / Four Monthly meetings to RO/CO well in advance with explanatory note. 

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