Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w repatiration of PS Gr. B officers to Home Circle.

No.     GS/IPASP/Repatriation/2013                       Dated  : 21/9/2013

          Ms. P. Gopinath,
          Department of Posts,
          Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
          New Delhi 110 001.

Sub:   Repatriation of PS Gr. B officers to Home Circle – Reg. 

Ref.:   Directorate No. 9-11/2013-SPG  Dt. 15.02.2013 

Respected Madam,  

          This is in continuation to letter No. GS/IPASP/Repatriation/2013 dated 25/3/2013, whereby it was urged upon to cause issue of repatriation orders, in view of imbalances created by vacancies in Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ cadre. 

          Association has time and again highlighted the issue by way of issuing series of letters for initiating timely action, in order to avoid the void created by non-posting of regular incumbents instead of utilising officiating arrangements, adhoc arrangements for years and years. During the course of informal meeting with Hon’ble Secretary (Posts) & other officers at Directorate, this vital issue was discussed in detail but it seems that a little more than convincing is required.  

          Madam, you will agree that a large number of STS/JTS vacancies are lying vacant in Circles since long and PS Group “B” officers are officiating against these posts creating resultant vacancies in Group “B” in circles and imbalance thereof upto ASP/IP level affecting timely promotion in each cadre. Many a times, adverse position occurs where the approved persons of a particular circle are made to work outside their parent circle, while there exists resultant vacancies in their own parent circle due to officiating of number of incumbents on Group A posts for longer duration. Repatriation of officers working outside their parent circle is the only solution to minimise these imbalances. It may also be explored that willing PS Group B officers (working outside their parent circle) be deputed to their parent circle without any extra remunerations, subject to undertaking that they would not claim regular benefits till their posting against a clear cut vacancy. In this way, Circles would get experienced manpower for their optimum utilization. This would also encourage the promoted officers to never say ‘No’ to the promotion towards fag end of their service career. Ratio of acceptance of promotion would certainly rise and hard work exercise of convening of DPC would not go futile.     

It is therefore urged upon to look into the suggestions, may be considered and put to action please. 

          With profound greetings,
Yours sincerely,
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

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  1. Perhaps the order might not be implemented due to RMS sub division being less in numbers . However, there must be definitely an order which states that minimum years of working in field is required for promotion . Those who work as IP/ASPs attached to RO/CO/DO & keep continuing there , should not be definitely given an advantage . IP/ASPs in the field keep slogging to complete the work & targets & ultimately get only average scores in their APARs & continuing with a forever unsettled life and those who are near to higher officials manage to get good scores & suitable postings ( that too in RO & CO only , merely as eyewash the branch they are attached to is changed ) . Also, many a times they only create such image of an official who is disliked due to personal reasons by them & is working in field, before higher officers that they too act in a prejudicial way. It may not be required to complete the field condition in both the wings but at least 2-3 of service in field ( as sub divisional head )must be made mandatory for promotion to ASP & further Grp-B.