Saturday, September 21, 2013

Letter to Secreetary (Posts) i/c/w to withdraw the mandatory condition to work in RMS/Postal side before promotion to ASP /PS Gr. B

No. GS/AIAIASP/Merger/IP-ASP/2013                  dated  :       21-9- 2013

Ms P Gopinath,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.  

Subject :      Merger / de-merger of IPO/IRM care  minimum working experience about Postal / RMS wing before promotion to Assistant Superintendent / Superintendent cadre.  

Respected Madam,            

          IP/ASP Association intends to bring to your kind notice that the PE Division Directorate has recently issued an order vide letter no. 25-02/2001-PE-I effective from 9th September 2013, prescribing a compulsory service of minimum of 2 years in RMS/Postal side for being eligible for promotion to the cadre of ASP and a compulsory service of minimum of 3 years in RMS/Postal side for being eligible for promotion to the cadre of PS Group B.

          While admitting that field experience in both the sides is need of hour for our cadre, but at the same time, it is important to keep in mind the huge difference in ratio of posts between the two sides. After excluding posts of CO/RO/Foreign Post etc, there are 476 number of IP/ASP posts in RMS side while number of IP/ASP posts in Postal side is 3040. Apparently, the huge difference would certainly pose practical problems in implementing the aforesaid orders. Besides, it may be seen that in almost all the Circles more than 90% of the IP/ASP cadre came from Postal side. Eventually, it would be too difficult for the administrative to accommodate the officials for the mandatory service of 2/3 years in RMS. Further the posts in RMS side are scattered across the Circles and to accommodate all those Postal side officials for completion of required service, a massive reshuffling would be involved, causing much hardship to our members, besides steep rise in huge expenditure involved towards TA/TP.

          Furthermore, non-completion of aforesaid mandatory service would jeopardize the promotional prospects of IPs/ASPs in all the Circles. The Sorting Assistants would be benefited from the proposition and there is every apprehension that the juniors (Sorting Assistants) would get earlier promotion to their seniors. This would further complex the position and cause spurt in litigations.

As such, we request your good self to examine the matter and cause necessary action to withdraw the mandatory condition of aforesaid service, which is per-se detrimental to the interest of the cadre and department.  

Hoping for a positive action at the earliest.   

With warm regards, 
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary


  1. Sir, orders of unified cadre of IP/IRM will also effect the recruitment/promotional avenues of IP postal side to PS Group B. This is a complete hurdle in the promotions of IPs and it will ruin all the prospects of IPs postal side.
    If any IP want to work or administration wants his services in RMS, a special Training for 15 days may be given to the said officer like IPoS trainings and post them.
    Pl do everything which can be done thru union.
    Rajinder Kumar Verma
    IPOs, Gohana S.Dn.

  2. Sir,

    Thank your sir for the right move at the right time. I think this will also affect the promotional prospects of the ASPs who are due for PS Group B promotions. The order is seen issued without seeing the ground realities.

    Manojan.K.P, IP, Kunnamangalam