Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bihar Circle Branch is unwilling to conduct next AIC

It is brought to the notice of all members of the Association that Circle Secretary All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendents Posts Bihar Circle Branch has shown its unwillingness to convene All India Conference of the Association that is expected and due to be conducted in January 2014 but not later than April 2014 in any case. The other standby Andhar Pradesh Circle has not consented for this job due to internal problem of Circle.
I understand that being General Secretary of our Association would require me to put in my quality time and effort which I am quite willing to. However, I am already committed to various projects by taking cases with Directorate one by one, attending meeting so on and so of for more than a year and half and hence, I now thus require constant help of all the Circle Secretaries to conduct next All Indian Conference in time. Such decisions are based on composite of information and efforts. Thus now it is our collective duty and responsibility to decide, come forward and share responsibility for convening next All India Conference due in January 2014. Therefore, I kindly request the Circle Secretaries  to come forward at their own to conduct All India Conference who are worthy to grace the occasion for their esteemed association. Willingness may kindly be send on my email id to publish on the the blog. We are now short of time so immediate consent is required. CHQ will provide full support in conducting conference.

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