Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Procedure for Mobile Number Portability

We all know that Mobile Number Portability will be a reality from 20th January 2011, as Government has at last announced the launch of this facility for the entire India from this date.
We do not know at this stage how this arrangement would span out but it's really boon for the customers who want to shift to other mobile network for want of quality, lesser cost or for more facility such as 3G.
The procedure for switching over from one mobile network to another mobile network is as follows:
The customer should send a SMS (PORTMobile Number) from the number he wishes to transfer from one mobile network to the other, to number 1900.
Then the customer will receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) by SMS from his current service provider.
Now the paper work comes. The Customer will have to furnish his details in the prescribed application form to the chosen new mobile network along with Unique Porting Code (UPC) that he got through SMS.
The new mobile network company should then ensure that the switched over customer gets the connection from the new mobile network within seven working days.
TRAI has fixed a ceiling of Rs 19 on porting charges which the new service provider may collect from the subscriber.
Post-paid subscribers, before making the porting request, have to make sure that their last bill has been paid failing which the request for change to new service provider shall be rejected.
In the case of pre-paid subscriber, any balance amount left will not be carried forward when the number is transferred to the new service provider.
Once a subscriber ports his number to the new operator, then, he will have to wait for at least 90 days before he can change his operator again.
Source : The Hindu-Business Line


  1. There should also be portability of Number through state to state (ie.Punjab to Delhi.
    Because there are some person who are living the the other state for job purpose when they find the job in their region then they have to shift to home region.During the job in other sate their numbed spread over then they has to stop the number and purchase another state here i request to Govt please provide us state to state portability of Mobile Number.

    Balkar Singh

  2. Thanks a lot for a valuable information.

    Best Wishes.

    Aniket Belsare.

  3. Portability is a very good for the customers,but the procedure should be made more easy and electronic.presently the agents charging 100 Rs for the same,which is too high.


  4. How to get back to original service provider?

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  6. The method of changing the number should have been mentioned over here by blogger. even though your blog is very effective and have good knowledge.