Sunday, September 25, 2016

Direct Recruit Inspector Posts position from 2013 to 2016

During the course of Biennial Circle Conference of Maharashtra Circle Branch it was brought to the notice of GS that there is acute shortage of Inspector Posts in few Regions of Maharashtra circle and therefore available Inspector Posts are holding dual charge of Sub Divisions for months/years together. Few members also told that ASPs are forcibly asked to hold the additional charge of vacant Sub Division of Inspector Posts. This situation may be in other circle.

All are aware that Directorate has already issued following number of candidates allotment under Direct Recruit Inspector Posts quota (33.33%) to all Circles with a direction to complete the pre-appointment formalities and give them required field, induction training and appointment. It has also brought to the notice of CHQ that, many allotters either not responded to the notices issued by circles or quit the service within the short period of joining. It means that there are number of unfilled vacancies are still available in the Direct Recruit Inspector Posts quota.

The year wise allotment and present status in recruitment is as under:

Year 2013 : 122 candidates allotted to circles. Recruitment process said to be completed.

Year 2014 : 102 candidates allotted to circles. In few circle recruitment process is yet to complete.

Year 2015 : 67 candidates recently allotted to circles. Process of pre-appointment formalities is yet to start in all circles.

Year 2016 : 92 vacancies reported to SSC by Directorate. Circle wise vacancy position is as under:

To ascertain the exact vacancy position of Direct Recruit Inspector Posts as on date, all circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to furnish the information in the following format to GS through email on

Year 2013
Year 2014`
IPs allotted
IPs Joined
IPs allotted
IPs Joined

Please ensure submission of information on or before 30/9/2016.

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