Thursday, September 15, 2016

CHQ donation .....

The issue of donation to CHQ was discussed at CWC and it was decided by few circles that they will collect the amount from their members and then credit to CHQ account to buildup the fund position healthy. GS has explained the need of money.

It was also discussed that the members can also deposit amount directly to CHQ in POSB account.

It is therefore requested to all members to credit the amount in the following account and send photocopy of pay-in-slip on whatsApp to GS on his No. 09869417961 with name, designation and office address to enable him to publish on the CHQ blog.

Name of the account holder : Vilas S. Ingale and Yadagiri G. Nyalapelli

SB Account No.                  : 3049419758 

Name of PO                      : Dadar HO, Mumbai 400014

SOL No.                           : 40001400

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