Sunday, September 11, 2016

Be proud as Inspector (Posts)

Inspector of Posts is a Group – B post in “India Post” which is a government of India operated postal agency. 

The official selected for Inspector of Posts will be posted as a Group B non gazetted officer in the Department with a starting Basic Pay of Rs. 44900/- + admissible allowances.

Inspectors in Department of Posts will be promoted to Asst. Superintendent of Posts (Group B gazetted officer) as per the availability of posts in that Circle, after completion of 5 years service in Inspector cadre.

Inspector of Posts is dynamic post with various opportunities and challenges.  I am personally aware of many C.B.I. Inspectors, Custom Inspectors and Inspector Posts and their work nature. As correctly said, every person, profession has advantages, disadvantages.

But having been personally aware of the situation, I can say that Inspector Posts is best work profile blessed with social acceptance, inherited administrative powers, authority and chances for quick promotion to the level of Director (JAG level viz higher than Sr.Class one officer).

So far, there is no example in the Central Administrative Departments like Railway, CBI, Customs, Income Tax etc, that any official after passing exam of Inspector thereafter reached to the level of JAG/SAG Officer ( please keep in mind, JAG is post of level of Deputy Secretary, and SAG is of Joint Secretary level to the Govt. of India). But Inspector Posts is the only unique Inspectoral post in entire Central Govt. Departments which provides one deserving person to reach to the level of JAG/SAG level officer. The example lead by evidence is said to worthy one, hence, it would not be inappropriate to mention known officer’s name from Inspector Posts cadre personally known to me who has achieved this remarkable glorious feet in service career. The gentleman, I am referring is Mr. E. V. Rao, who started his career in Central Govt. as Inspector Posts and today working as Director of one of the biggest Region.  Again to reiterate here that the Director level posts are JAG officer level post viz. Deputy Secretary Level Post.

Fact is fact. Other Inspectors (CBI, Police, Excise etc) profile have to deal only with criminals, whereas, Inspector Posts duty list, responsibilities are primarily relates to the variety of peoples ranging from common, innocent citizen, civilian from urban and rural areas in each and nook corner of India.

In this country, there are several pockets of area ,where, Inspectors from the other departments even cant think to visit because of fear etc from various corners , but , Inspector Posts without any hesitation can go, visits and his visits are admired everywhere. The Inspector Posts contributes directly in maintaining financial security of Citizens (ultimately country) through active role of it as Watchdog in keeping parental watch on deposits of citizens in Post Offices. The other Inspectors (CBI, Excise, and Police) don't have constructive powers (except questioning criminal elements) as Inspector posts have.

The Inspector Posts is having another unique advantage viz. their enrolment on deputation in Defence Services as direct officer and further chances to reach on the posts of Colonel, Brigadier in Indian Army. It's unique opportunity, career progression which none other Inspectors has but Inspector Posts do have.

But it is fact that job profile, nature of responsibilities if Inspector Posts are of course highly demanding, challenging which any honest hardworking person would certainly like but any lubber type person would not like and may run away in a week after witnessing the determination, zeal , perseverance required by the Inspector Posts .

But one thing is sure, guaranteed viz. Inspector Posts profile, work nature certainly convert one ordinary lubber person in to matured, tough administrator, well equipped with caliber to face challenges.

 Courtesy: Daya Shukl, Offg. ADPS (Bldg.) o/o PMG, Mumbai Region.


  1. Oh Dayaji., you have explicitly given the channels of promotion both the civil and defense lines. Most of the IPs think that they are inferior to other inspectors. Of central -Thanks for your details.

  2. Comment of days is is d only deptt where a clerk can reach up to jag.presently who reached their entry level is postal is result of a decision in 1992 all India conf of IP asp in vrindawan to introduce exam of PS group b like genl was agreed by govt n exam started in 1994.all who qualified n in service r now director. When new generation of direct IP will come it will improve
    Ip in dop has so many powers no where else. Be proud of it.back bone of deptt
    Its my exp from different union platform up to GS of poassn india