Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preparation and maintenance of Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APAR)

Directorate has again circulated old copy of rules and regulations regarding preparation and maintenance of APAR for information and record purpose.   

1) APARs graded below 4 will be given a score of zero.
2) APARs graded between 4 to 6 and short of 6 will be rated as 'good' and given a score of 5.
3) APARs graded between 6 and short of 8 will be will be rated as 'very good' and given a score of 7.
4) APARs graded between 8 and 10 will be rated as 'outstanding' will be given a score of 9 for the purpose of calculating average scores for empanelment /promotion. 

To view the details, please CLICK  HERE.  All members are requested to keep the copy of this ruling with them for record purpose. 

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