Friday, September 12, 2014

Directorate called GS for meeting on merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre issue

As on date only three suggestions/comments have been received from members i..e CS Odisha, VP President CHQ and Member of Karnataka Circle. All CS and CHQ Office Bearers are once again requested to send their comments/views/ Suggestions/ fresh proposal if any to GS immediately to enable him to put the views of Association in the meeting. 

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  1. DOP is just delaying the matter with intention to refer to 7th cpc or waiting out come of court case filed by association.. There is no positive move from DOP... We must clinch it through court matter or trade union actions then only we can get GP of IPO 4600... DOP was competent to grant it from available pay band without reference to MOF but it did not do.. Pay commission did not recommend 4200 for IPO but it's DOP did it to consider Aspos grade pay.. DOP could have granted 4600 to IPO with non gazetted status and 4600 to Aspos with gazetted status... There is no great functional differences in IPO and Asia. MDShukla CHQ Auditor