Monday, September 15, 2014

Merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr.B cadre/cadre restructuring ......Meeting at Directorate

As everybody aware that DOP has already finalized cadre restructuring of Group 'C' cadre on 28/4/2014. CHQ has constantly reminded to Directorate for holding of meeting with the representatives of our Association in connection with cadre restructuring of IP/ASP cadre. 

CHQ has already submitted a proposal of merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre to Directorate on 20/11/2013. The queries raised by Directorate letter under No. 25-35/2011-PE-I dated 19/5/2014 was also quickly replied on 14/6/2014. Now, meeting is likely to be scheduled in the next week for cadre restructuring of IP/ASP cadre. CHQ has already linked up the merger issue with cadre restructuring subject, as the result of 2nd cadre review was not implemented by DOP even though presidential sanction was issued in 1990 for up-gradation of 245 posts to PS Gr. B. Senior members know this issue very well. We have to discuss the workable proposal at Directorate and for the benefit of the cadre.

It is therefore requested to each Circle Branch to submit their fresh proposal if any to GS immediately, or permit CHQ to take decision at their own for the benefit of the cadre and not at individual level. 


  1. Sir, Kindly pursue. This is the right time. Don't wait for comments from others as your view is perfect on this issue ....S.Gopalacrishnan

  2. it has, now, become a long pending issue due to either taking decision by the association over merger of ip/asp or asp/ ps gr B. cadre restructuring issue is also pending since a long. Only meeting and discussion is seen in the matter but not any conclusion came. this is not a first time when dte. offered a discussion in this regard. I think enough suggestions might have come and enable the association to put forth their view and convince the dte. Don't wait for comments from others pl. take decision which beneficial to all