Friday, July 11, 2014

PLI- To become the first choice insurer in India.

e-Postal Life Insurance Some of the key process changes that will take place are mentioned below:

 Policy service requests can now be submitted through multiple channels like online, Post Office, CPCs and customer call center  Every Head Office will have an attached Circle Processing Center. (CPCs) wherein all types of functions relating to servicing of policies will take place. Around 809 Central Processing Centers (CPCs) would be set up.

 Introduction of a system which will help in identifying potential customers.  Introduction of a system which will help in managing all the agents like disbursement of their commissions, performance tracking etc.  Hand held device will be an interaction channel for customers for transactions such as payment of premiums, query, grievance, policy service request, request for an agent etc. Any type of customer related query can be resolved by calling at the call center 

 PLI/RPLI implementation seeks to meet the following objectives:  Become the first choice insurer for all the eligible customers in the country  Develop a fully integrated life insurance platform to enable efficient and cost effective service to existing and new customers  Enhanced quality of service being offered to the customers  Provide Insurance cover to large rural population, while minimizing the cost of operations

PLI/RPLI will provide the following benefits:  Enable DoP employees to do all work relating to PLI/ RPLI like ‐ issue of policy documents, collection of premium, disbursement of loan, payment of claims etc. through one integrated software.  Process streamlining and faster application processing will increase efficiency in operations.  Provide robust data driven decision making, as MIS can be extracted from anywhere Better customer service / Lesser grievance. Automated claims management and renewal notices  Better manpower utilization.  Employees satisfaction due to simpler and automated processes

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