Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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GS visited Directorate on 28th July 2014 and met with senior officers and discussed the pending issues. The progress of few issues are as under: 

    1.  Repatriation of PS Gr. B officers to their parent circle. 

Information called by Directorate under Memo No.9-33/2013-SPG dated 16th July 2014 is yet to receive from Assam / Gujarat / Kerala / Odisha and Uttarakhand Circle.  It was requested during the course o visit to Directorate, not to link up the repatriation issue with supplementary DPC and consider the request applications of the officers for repatriation to their home circle immediately, was requested during the visit to Directorate to consider the request applications of the officers for repatriation to their home circle immediately, as they have already completed the requisite years of service outside their home circle and their cases are badly delayed for one or other reasons. Directorate has given assurance that on receipt of information from above circles, repatriation cases will be considered on top priority basis and now will not be linked up with result of supplementary DPC. 

2.  Supplementary DPC for promotion to PS Gr. B. 

The following information is required from circles; 

Name of officer
Anil Kumar Gupta
Incomplete information received at Directorate and zerox copies of CRs/APARs are not received
Balram Mandal
Vishnu Deo Ram (SC)
Tiket Das (SC)
Vinay Kumar Singh (ST)
Raj Balabh Paswan (SC)
Ram Phal Singh (SC)
zerox copies of CRs/APARs
K. Narayanan
2 Officers Vig clearance and zerox copies of 3 officers CRs/APARs
V P Ahmed Asharaf
B. Satya Narayana
Nathi Lal Yadav
Neither vigilance clearance report nor zerox copies of CRs/APARs received
G. Narayanan
Bhujbal Singh Tomar
Ms Rooplata Sundareshan
Moti Chandram Yadev
S. Mustafa
Parmanand Pandey
Rajmal Jain
S. K.Jain
T. S. Parte (ST)
Shivram (ST)
Isidor Ekka (ST)
zerox copies of CRs/APARs not received
Madhu Mirdha (ST)
R S Shekhawat
Only 10 officers vig. Clearance received and zerox copies of all officers CRs/APARs not received
O P Sodia
Gauri Shankar
T D Vasihnav
Bajrang Lal Sharma
S K Mishra
S D Swami
Ram Swaroop Munot (SC)
Ishra Ram (SC)
Babhu Lal (SC)
Ratan Lal (SC)
L. R. Parihar (SC)
S P Pandey
zerox copies of CRs/APARs not received
Ram Mahesh Shakya
G. C. Ojha
D N S Yadav
R L Rajbhar
B C Dixit
P L Gupta
B K Singh
B K Gupta
G C Bhatt
Y N Tripathi
R P Singh
Rameshwar Bajpai
R C Srivastava
Man Singh
Amal Krishna Ghosh (SC)
zerox copies of CRs/APARs not received
Tapan Kumar Malik (SC)
Nikhil Ranjan kamila (SC)
Vishnu Pada Khanra (SC)

             There will be around 22 to 23 vacancies.

      3.  Convening of DPC for promotion to the cadre of JTS Gr. A for the    year 2013-14. 

The information of following two officers required at Directorate:

a)   Shri S. Modi (Odisha) : ACRs/APARs not received at Directorate.

b)   Shri P. R. Alia (Uttar Pradesh) : CRs for 2007-08 (from Uttarakhand Circle) and APARs 2007-08, 2009-10 and 2010-11 (from UP circle) not upgraded by circles.  

On receipt of above information from Circles, file is said to be sent to UPSC for convening DPC for 45 to 46 posts in JTS Gr. A for the vacancies of 2013-14. 

      4.  Holding of periodical meeting to Secretary (Posts)  

Director (SR) has issued 2nd reminder to DDG (P) and DDG (Estt) to furnish the comments on agenda items. Directorate will communicate the date of meeting soon.   

     5.  LDCE for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for 2013 and 2014. 

Question bank on revised syllabus is not ready at Directorate. Examinations will be held separately for 2013 and 2014.

     6. Promotion case of Shri Karunakaran PM (HSG-I) Dindigul HO (Tamil Nadu)

        Department has filed case in High Court of Tamil Nadu against the judgment dated 28/11/2011 delivered by special court Madurai.  

     7.  Holding of regular DPC for promotion to PS Gr. B cadre for 2013-14

After the completion of supplementary DPC process, the list of officers in the ZOC will be circulated to all circles for submission of zerox copies CRs/APARAs and vigilance clearance in time frame program.

     8.  Death case of Ms Mohini Gupta, ASP Ajmer (Rajasthan)

The report from Rajasthan Circle is awaited. It was requested to issue reminder to CPMG Rajasthan to speed up the enquiry.

             All Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers are once again requested to ensure submission of above information by their circle/s to Directorate and inform to GS. 

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  1. Thanks for all these updates. All Circles from where information is wanting should hurry after watching these blogs to get pending works cleared.