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Reply to Directorate i/c/w merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr.B cadre

No. GS /AIAIASP/Merger ASP/2013                                 Dated:    14/6/2014

The Director General,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.

Subject : Merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre…..Proposal regarding

Ref.       : Directorate No. 25-35/2011-PE-I dated 19.05.2014

                As desired comments of this Association on the observations raised by Directorate vide above captioned letter is furnished herein under:


It was intimated in the proposal that there is a matching saving for the proposal as there would be an additional expenditure of Rs. 66,86,100/- per annum against the saving of Rs. 69,25,100/- per annum. This means a net saving of Rs. 2,39,700/- per annum. However, while this may be true in the long run, at present there would be no matching saving, as pay will have to be protected for the 679 ASPs till they get promoted to PS Gr. B Grade, while additional expenditure of Rs. 66,86,100/- would start immediately Savings will start accruing only after the 679 ASPs working on the ASP posts downgraded to IPs get promoted to PS Gr. B Grade which will take a very long time. Thus, it is not correct to say that the case has matching savings.

Nomenclature of Residual 679 number of ASPs would be changed as Inspector Posts. Status quo could be maintained to them in view of Gazetted status, Grade Pay and nomenclature till the time they are absorbed in PSS Gr B cadre. Within the existing sanctioned strength, 200 numbers of ASPs get promotion to PS Gr B cadre annually on an average. After merger of posts of 1311 ASP into PS Gr B, the accrual of annual vacancies gets accelerated. Average number of promotions would automatically increase and within a period of 1-2 years residual ASPs would be absorbed in PS Gr B cadre.  Therefore, need of protection of pay in the case of remaining 679 ASPs would no longer be required. 

If shortage of few lakhs of Rupees in the figures persists even thereafter, the DoP can request Finance Ministry to bear the same as the proposal would be benefitting approximately 2000 middle level managers of the Department. Further, this cadre merger will one way serve as a cadre restructure of the IPs/ASPs of the Department which was agreed to by the Government and a Presidential order were issued long back in 1990 and was not implemented. This can be construed as the second cadre restructure of the IPs/ASPs since independence whereas 6th cadre restructure of other cadres in the same department is on the anvil.

Secondly, when 1311 ASPs are upgraded into PS Gr B, there will not be an additional expenditure of Rs.66,86,100/-.  While comparing the additional expenditure, component of 3rd MACP is not taken into consideration.  As on today these 1311 ASPs are already placed in GP 4800/- on account of 3rd MACP in hierarchy.  Therefore, it can very well be construed that additional expenditure would be dismal if not nil and there will be no resultant effect.

The proposed down gradation of 679 ASPs (Sub Division) to IP (Sub Division) would create technical problems as ASPs cannot be posted on IPs Posts. Otherwise, they would have to be reverted which is not permissible. The proposal, thus, would only be beneficial for the senior 1311 ASPs and at the same time detrimental to the remaining 679 ASPs who may suffer reversion. Further, on up gradation of the ASPs Posts to PS Gr. B there would be two or more Gr. B officers in Gr. B Divisions. Then, there would be a problem / issue of reporting and also that who amongst them would head the Division. This would ultimately create complicated situation and may not, thus, be administratively viable.

There can be two ways,

(i)    Senior Most/eligible PS Gr B officer may be posted as Divisional Head, (the present system of promotion of senior officers to PSS group ‘B’ may be continued on All India Seniority list and those officers come under the All India list of PSS group B will only head the divisions) while the junior will positioned next to Divisional Head viz, Dy Supdt  (HQ), Dy Supdt (Divn). There would be no problem and is also administratively viable. At present two PS Gr. B officers are working in the RMS divisions without any problems for last several years (viz. Mumbai Stg. Division, Mumbai Central Sorting Division and Kolkata RMS). Reporting officer for writing ACRs of all the PSS Group B officers rest with Regional Director as usually being done now.  In the present scenario, Regional Directors are actively involved in day to day affairs of the divisions in one or other way. So they can easily and effectively evaluate performances of Dy Supdt. (HQ) Dy. Supdt. (Division) falling under their jurisdiction.  As regards Appointing and Disciplinary authority of PSS Gr B officers, no change would be required as the Appointing and Disciplinary powers of ASPs are still with Chief PMsG only that will continue after merger also.

(ii)   Since most of the PS Gr B officers are already drawing GP of Rs 5400/- due to Non functional basic grant on account of 4 years of service in PS Gr B Cadre, thus, it would also be administrative viable to consider up gradation of PS Gr B posts of Divisional Head to JTS Gr A. In that event, additional expenditure would be minimal.

          With profound regards,
Yours faithfully

                                                                                      (Vilas Ingale)

                                                                    General Secretary

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