Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w convening of timely DPCs and repatriation of PS Gr. B officers to Home Circle.

No. CHQ/AIAIASP/DPC-Gr.B/2014                                            Dated:    16/6/2014

          Ms. Kavery Benerjee
          Secretary (Posts), 
          Department of Posts,
          Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
          New Delhi 110 001.

Sub: Request for convening of timely DPCs and repatriation of PS Gr. B officers to Home Circle.

Respected Madam,

The IP/ASP Association many-a-times brought to the notice of Directorate about non convening of timely DPCs in JTS / PS Group B cadre and non posting of STS officers against vacant post in circles years together placing burden on IP/ASPs of adhoc arrangement without substantial benefits that too in contravention to DoP&T instructions. In spite of elucidating factual discrepancies officers sitting in Directorate chose to shut their lids and do not bother to blink their eyes even once. Resultantly, Circles are resorting to adhoc promotions displaying courageous act of blatant violations of rules and provisions time and again. Authorities empowered to make adhoc-promotion to Group B only upto four months (Directorate Letter no. 4-9/88-SPG dated 14.10.1989) have exceeded their powers on their own, and extended adhoc promotions to lumpsum eleven months. After breaking this arrangement for few days’ officers are posted on the same station and same post without obtaining specific approval from DOP&T for continuance of same person on ad-hoc appointment of Group B officers exceeding limit of one year on STS posts what to say of JTS.
          It is however mentioned in Directorate Letter no. 4-9/88-SPG dated 14.10.1989 that Head of Circles are delegated with powers to make ad-hoc arrangements in Group “A” only upto three months. For ad-hoc promotion to Group “B” Head of circles have powers only upto four months.  Extension beyond this limit can be done with the approval of Directorate.
Ø  Directorate letter no.137-99/2009-SPB-II dated 23.12.2009. Para 2 (ii) prescribes that total period for which appointment / promotion may be made, on an ad-hoc basis, will be limited to one year only.
Ø  Para 2 (iii) of Directorate letter further stipulates that the practice of giving a break periodically and appointing the same person on ad-hoc basis may not be permitted.
Ø  Para 2 (iv) of Directorate letter further states that in case of compulsions for extending any ad-hoc promotion beyond one year, the approval of DoPT may be sought at least two months in advance before the expiry of the one year period. If the approval of DoPT to the continuance of the ad-hoc arrangements beyond one year is not received before the expiry of one years of the ad-hoc appointment/promotion shall automatically cease on the expiry of the one year term.
Ø  Para 2 (vi) of Directorate letter prescribes that permission to make ad-hoc appointment should be granted by the authority one level higher than the appointing authority prescribed for that post.
Madam, you will agree that a large number of STS/JTS vacancies are lying vacant in Circles since long and PS Group “B” officers are officiating against these posts creating resultant vacancies in Group “B” in circles and imbalance thereof upto IP/ASP level affecting timely promotion in each cadre and repatriation of deserving officers to their parent circles. Many a times, adverse position occurs where the approved persons of a particular circle are made to work outside their parent circle, while there exists resultant vacancies in their own parent circle due to officiating of number of incumbents on Group A posts for longer duration. This is also creating legal complication when punishment orders passed by officiating officers are challenged in the court of law seeking relief of legal provision of not passing orders by competent authority. This can easily be attributed to wrong calculation of vacancies in each cadre. Now take case of JTS DPC for the year 2012-13 where only 19 officers have been promoted against 35 vacancies and no extended panel has been approved leaving 16 vacancies. Now, you can well imagine the plight of so called back bone of the department who were waiting for their due promotion for the last two years and now will have to suffer frustration even after retirement or for another long period best known to the officers dealing with the case.
In view of above, it is requested to pass orders to (a) promote all eligible officers of JTS cadre to STS cadre against large number of vacant post, (b) convene pending JTS DPC for the year 2013-14, (c) supplementary DPC for PS Group B before 30-6-2014, (d) issue immediate repatriation orders of PS Gr. B /JTS officers to their home circle/ choice station against vacancies up to June 2014, (e) call for records for convening regular DPC for PS Gr. B cadre for the year 2014 and (f) explore reasons for not convening timely DPCs so that officials / officers responsible be taken to task. Circles may also be directed to fill all post of ASPs by convening immediate DPCs so that all get their due share and jobs are created for youth of the country.  
          With Regards,
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

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