Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Holding of DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B

It to bring to the notice of members that Directorate vide memo no. 9-11/2019-SPG-II dated 06/03/2019 has circulated draft seniority list of IP line officers as on 1/4/2018 to all circles with the request to verify the following data of the officers and intimate the changes if any in respect of the following:
1) Name of the officer
2) Date of Birth
3) Category (whether SC/ST)
4) Circle
5) Remarks, if any
The above information is required at Directorate by 20/3/2019 to enable them to proceed with the DPC for PS Gr. B cadre. As you know that DPC for PS Gr. B cadre is pending since last more than 2 years.
All the members are therefore directed to help the circle administration for supply of required information so that CO will be in position to send their report to Directorate on time.
This should be attended by all Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers on TOP PRIORITY.

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