Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Man of Achievement ! Thy name is Dr. Vennam Upender !

Fantastic ! Honoured by Limca Book of Records for his rare collection of stamps 
in Ramayana.

A man of great achievement. That is Dr. Vennam Upender, IPoS., PMG, Madurai.

He is an Engineering Graduate in Metallurgy, MBA (Marketing) and then got Ph.D. Not only that, he is a writer, novelist and a notable Literate.

You must know his other side also. In TN Postal Circle, there is always hue and cry among the employees, because of shortage of staff in P.A. cadre despite of annual recruitment upto the year 2015.

We have alleged that there was irregular assessment of vacancies in many Divisions since the year 2000 due to various reasons . This issue was taken up in various forums, agitational programmes continuously by our Union, since the year 2015.

Atlast, while discussing the pending subject, in the Regional Joint Consultative Machinery meeting held on 28.9.18, this was accepted by Dr.Vennam Upender , despite of reluctance from many in the Administrative side.

Finally the long pending request of the Staff Side was accepted by the CPMG,TN to form a special committee to review this matter , not only in P.A.cadre, but also in Postmen and in MTS cadre.

As per the request of the Staff side Dr. Vennam Upender was nominated as the Chairman of the Committee and given time frame of three months to submit his report.

He has taken this as challenge, discussed with the staff side representatives in many rounds , collected information throughout , and submitted his final report sharply before completion of assigned period of three months.... ie. by 31st Dec.2018.

In his report, he concurred with all the points raised by the Staff Side and recommended for a thorough review on the assessment of vacancies in all Divisions throughout Tamil nadu Circle, since the year 2000 and further recommended for a special recruitment from LGO in order to 
fill up the vacancies that were left out.

Despite of all these things, no tangible result received from the Divisions and the Divisional Heads are again and again submitted the manipulated figures , without taking into account the points put forth by the committee, so as to sustain their faulty stand.

Dr.Upender again requested the CPMG, TN to order for a work shop at Postal Training Centre, Madurai for all the Divisions to reassess the vacancies under his personal supervision.

This was accepted by the CPMG, TN and was ordered for three days work shop at PTC, Madurai , calling for all the ASP HQs, Staff & Estt. Clerks of all divisions throughout from TN Postal Circle, with all connected records from their divisions.

Everything was scrutinised carefully under his strict personal supervision. The work shop was extended further one day and atlast about 570 left out vacancies are now unearthed and declared in TN Circle.

This is a great achievement in his career. In no other Circle, throughout the Country, this was happened ever.

Being the Secretary of the Staff Side, RJCM, TN for long, who has raised this issue all along, it is my duty to record this.

Though he is very gentle and soft in approach, he is duty conscious, man of dedication , firm in his commitment ! 
We must learn many thing from him. He is Dr. Upender, PMG,Southern Region, TN. 
Congrats once again

Article from Shri.  J.Ramamurthy, TN Circle


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