Thursday, May 19, 2016

DPC updates : JTS Gr. A for the vacancy year 2016-17

It is learnt from Directorate on 18/5/2016 that due non receipt of following officers APARs and other requisite documents mentioned against their names, DPC for promotion to the cadre of JTS Gr. A for the vacancy year 2016-17 is delayed. The vacancies will be between 30 to 36. 

Sl. No.
Name of the officer (S/Shri)
Discrepancies noticed at Directorate
Ramdeo Choudhary
01.04.14 to 14.10.14- Zerox of representation of the officer, comments of Reviewing and Reporting Authority and notesheet vide which his representation was decided required at Directorate
Shiv Ram Meena
01.04.11 to 29.07.11- 2.3 (below benchmark)
Sher Singh Bisht
25.12.10 to 31.03.11, 2013-14, 2014-15 + VC + Penalty statement
M. Shivraj
Original Dossier (As per information received from Karnataka Circle, it is lying in Delhi Circle)
Amit Lahiri
West Bengal
2009-10, 1-4-2011 to 10-11-2011, 2013-14 and 2014-15 APARs wanting
Ranjeet Halder
West Bengal
1-4-2011 to 31-12-2011, 2014-15 APARs wanting
Bidhan Chandra Das
West Bengal
2014-15 APAR and copy of CS wanting
Prasanta Halder
West Bengal
2014-15 APAR and copy of CS wanting
Abhijit Bhattacharya
West Bengal
2014-15 APAR and copy of CS wanting

 Two more officers APARs from Tamil Nadu Circle are also required at Directorate.

The members and officers working in above circles are once again requested to ascertain the reason for non submission of the required documents by the circles to Directorate and ask the concerned CPMG to take action against the erring staff/officer, as due to them only the DPC is delayed for more than 2 months. No. of emails have already been sent to these circles by SPG division of Directorate, besides telephonic conversion with concerned officers. 

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