Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Picture Postcards on Wooden Carvings at 'Karanji Mansion', Postal Training Centre, Mysuru.

The royal family of Mysore Maharajas constructed “Karanji Mansion", the construction of which was started in the year 1902 and completed in the year 1914. This palatial building was built for Krishnarajammanniyavaru, the second Maharajakumari, (second sister of the Maharaja); the land was acquired by Chamaraja Wadiyar, the Maharaja of Mysore, and further handed over the possession of the land to Princess Krishnarajammnniyavaru. "Karanji Mansion" was purchased by the Postal Department on 20th August 1964 from Smt. Rajukumari L Desaraj Urs, widow of late Col. Rajkumar C. Desraj Urs. and Rajkumar Prithviraj Urs son of late Col. Rajkumar C Desaraj Urs. Postal Training Centre is functioning in this building since 20th April 1965.

The building commands a vast setting and a view of Karanji Lake. The elevation is remarkable for highly ornate features and painstakingly executed embellishments - a variety of cusped arches and sun-shades, stone-hewn balconies, each resting on a lotus base, intricately carved stone columns, brackets and parapet merlons. A rich mix of Saracenic and Hindu elements, each somewhat overdone but all of them combining to produce a balanced and quaintly pleasing elevation. A Section of the Mansion show subtly varying stylistic features. The wing on the left is predominantly Rajasthani, with its lotus-based and curvilinear-chhajjaed balconies, while the entrance-porch block has dominant shades of the Saracenic - the slender- pillared twin arches, domicals and the Moorish lancet-windows. "Karanji Mansion" building has completed 100 years of it construction in the year 2014. Karnataka Postal Circle has issued a set of 23 postcards on Wooden Carvings at Karanji Mansion, Postal Training Centre, Mysuru. Cost of postcards is Rs. 100 per set.

Picture Postcards on ‘Wooden Carvings at Karanji Mansion'
Picture Postcards on ‘Wooden Carvings at Karanji Mansion'
Courtesy: Suresh Rao, Bengaluru

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