Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Agenda for holding periodical meeting with Secretary (Posts).


  1. Dear sir , The decision taken by you is correct as department treating IP/ASP as step children. The Higher Authorities of department thinking that this cadre is totally free and they can extract as much work as they can without listning them. The 80 % of our cadre staff working as slave of PMG/DPS.
    We have to take concrete action to re-establish our image in department.

    The Department need us even though giving bad treatment to this cadre considering that this cadre is segrated and there is no unity.

    We have to show our unity.

    With best wishes and full support.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Your action is really commandable, but i have apprehension that support will be lukewarm.On the blog there is seen only one comment which reflects our difference of opinion and lack of strength.I think that issue of non-holding of meeting with our Association may be dealt seperately instead of projecting on blog.

    With regards,