Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aadhar without Date of Birth – Could not be used as sole document for ID proof

The Government’s initiative to issue identification cards (Aadhar) with unique identification number (UID) to all citizens of India is really a mammoth work considering the population in India.

As per the statistics issued about Aadhar, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) has spent more than Rs.2000 crores for issuing Aadhar to nearly 23 crore people.

As such the Aadhar system is stated to be one of the full-proof technology to prevent duplication.  Three biometric attributes i.e face, fingerprints and iris images of the card holder are collected to maintain uniqueness.

Government has also taken all steps to officialize Aadhar Card for its acceptance an identification card by all government as well as private authorities.

Railways has already notified Aadhar as an acceptable identification card. But Banks say Aadhar alone is not enough for opening new account as it does not contain date of birth.

However, for opening a new account Banks are not accepting Aadhar alone as a documentary proof for the reason that date of birth of the card holder is not mentioned in Aadhar.  Hence, Banks insist additional documents such as PAN to verify the date of birth.

Aadhar is supposed to eliminate an individual’s difficulty of carrying multiple identification documents.  But in this case Aadhar is not alone enough as it could not produced as a document for certifying one’s age.

Better late than never:  Many feel, mentioning date of birth in Aadhar would
not be a problem as UIAI collects date of birth of an individual in the initial application itself.  In fact the year of birth is mentioned in Aadhar.

Source:  Times of India

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