Friday, July 10, 2009

Views regarding re-organisation of Sub Divisions.

All of us know that the Directorate has the proposal of manning the Sub Divisions by IPs by downgrading the sub divisions already manned by ASPs. Views/opinons were called for from all members. All are requested to send the views to General Secretary to his mail id . Views given by Y.K.Mishra, SDI(P) Haidergarh Sub Dn Barabanki-227301 is given below. All members are requested again the send their views immediately.

Dear Sir,

I share your concern over the department’s ongoing contemplation of continuing the IPs as the sub divisional heads with meager infrastructure and no official assistance. The present scenario is such that the IPs and ASPs are so much burdened with work that they hardly find time to carry out their actual work i.e. of effectively preventing the frauds by spending more time in enquiries and inspections. They have become like the students of any of those senseless schools: burdened with paperwork and whimsical targets, filled with guilt conscious when they do not accomplish the near impossible feat of writing every IR, inquiry report, periodical reviews and targets of PLI, RPLI and what nots.

Therefore in order to make qualitative improvement in the functioning of sub divisions in particular and the divisions in general the department should seriously consider the points raised by the CHQ as this is the voice of thousands of IPs and ASPs toiling hard in the fields and combating the real challenges being posed against the department.

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