Friday, July 10, 2009


Department of Personnel and Training in OM No 21011/1/2005-Estt(A)(Pt-II), dated 14.5.2009 has issued orders to replace the exisiting ACR with Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR). The full report of APAR should be communicated to the officer/official concerned with the remarks of the reporting officer and acceptance authority. This is applicable from the report for the year 2008-09.

It is learnt that in Tamilnadu Circle, the APAR has been communicated to Asst. Directors by the Chief PMG. All other officers/officials yet to receive the APARs.

It is a well known fact that DPCs are delayed only for wanting of CRs. Inefficiency in our department is generally pointed to the operating staff but the administration often forget that efficiency is also applicable to them, In most of the cases, the delay in promotin to any cadre is only because of gazetted officers who are responsible for writing and maintaining of CRs. Some of the officers are not writing CRs in time and some of them are are not capable of watching proper maintaining of CRs. The latest instruction issued as above by the Personnel Ministry will be somewhat helpful to us for getting promotion in time. The APAR for the year 2008-09 is being communicated and you will be also receiving in due course.

I want to bring to your atttention that the final assessment in the ACR (now APAR) should be any one of the following:-

(a) Outstanding (b) Very Good (c) Good (d) Average.

If any report is assessed by any other words/adjectives like satisfactory, poor etc and also if the assessment is "Average" you should appeal to the authority. If the grading is "Average", it is an adverse remark and the official/officer will not be considered for promotion. Further for MACPS (Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme) the grading should be 'Good' for promotion upto the GP of Rs 6600/- and 'Very Good' for the GP thereafter. Hence if any of the official/officer gets the remarks of "Average" (upto Group B), they should appeal to the authority within the stipulated time. i.e Fifteen days from the date of disclosure.

Further all are requested to keep the APAR in their custody so that the same may be submitted to the DPC in case of non production of APAR(s) by the administration.

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