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Special Provisions in the Rules and Regulations for the benefit of women employees - need to increase the representation of women in the Central Govt.

Department of Personnel Training has given detailed information about the special provisions extended to the women employees in Central Government Jobs as follows vide Memo dated 8.7.2009:-

Maternity Benefits

A female Govt. employee with less than two survlvmg children is grantedMaternity Leave for 180 days. In continuation of the maternity leave a femaleGovt. servant can also take any leave due and admissible for a period of twoyears. In case of miscarriage including abortion, the female employee isentitled to leave not exceeding 45 days* during entire service. (O.M.No.13018j2j08-Estt.(L) dated 11.9.2008 & *Notification No.13018j7 j94-Estt.(L) dated 31.3.1995).

Child Care Leave

The women employees having minor children and who have exhausted earnedleave are granted child care leave (admissible in different spells) for amaximum period of two yrs. (i.e. 730 days) during their entire service fortaking care of up to two children whether for rearing or to look after any oftheir needs like examination, sickness etc. In continu'ation of the Child Careleave, a female Govt. servant can also take any leave due and admissiblefor a period of one year. (0.M.No.13018j2j2008-Estt.(L)dated 11.9.2008, 29.09.2008 & 18.11.2008)

Child Adoption Leave

A female Govt. employee with less than two surviving children is granted onvalid adoption of a child below the age of one year Child Adoption Leave for aperiod of 135 days. In continuation of the Child Adoption leave a female Govt.servant can also take any leave due & admissible for a period of one year.(0. M. No.13018j4j2004-Estt. (L)dated 31.3.2006)

Special allowance to women with disability

Women employees with disabilities are paid Rs.I000j- p.m. as SpecialAllowance for child care. The allowance is payable from the time of the childbirth till the child is two yrs. old for a maximum of two children. (O.M.No.12011j04-Estt.AL) dated 11.9.2008)

Guidelines for provision of creche facility

The Govt. of India has set up day care centresj creches in Offices or majorresidential areas of the employees as a welfare measure.

Posting of husband &wife at the same station .

The Govt of India has issued detailed instructions to its offices to ensure theposting of the husband and wife at the same station so as to enable them tolead a normal family life and to ensure the education and welfare of theirchildren (O.M.No.28034j2j27-Estt-A dated 3.4.1986 & 12.6.1997.To facilitate posting of couples in the same station, it has been approved thatin case of a woman officer,whose husband is posted under the Govt. of India,the 'cooling off period may be waived up to six months so that she may get aposting at the station where her husband is posted.

Special priority for working women in allotment of residential accommodation.

The Directorate of Estates maintains a separate pool for the married/ singlewomen in Govt. house allotment.

Provision for protection of women as kept in CCS Conduct Rules, 1964.

Rule 3.3(C) of the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1964 explicitlyprohibits acts of sexual harassment of any women at her work place. For thispurpose, "Sexual Harassment" includes such unwelcome sexually determinedbehaviour, whether directly or otherwise, as

(a)physical contact and advances,

(b) demand or request for sexual favours,

(c) sexually coloured remarks,

(d)showing any pornography or

(e)any other unwelco~e physical, verbal or nonverbalconduct of a sexual nature.

The guidelines issued under the said Conduct Rules vide DOPT's O.M.No.ll013/10/97-Estt.(A) dated 13.2.1998 provide for creation of anappropriate complaint mechanism in every organisation for redressal of thecomplaints made by the victims. In terms of DOPT's O.M. No.ll013/10/97-Estt.(A) dated 13.7.1999 and O.M No.ll013/11/2001-Estt.(A) dated22.7.2003, a complaint committee should be headed by an officer sufficientlyhigher in rank than that of the complainant. As per sub-rule(2) of rule 14 ofthe Central Civil Services (Clarification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965 andthe instructions issued vide DOPT's O.M. No.ll013/11/2001-Estt.(A) dated4.8.2005, the report of the complaints committee shall be deemed to be aninquiry report.

Rule 13-A of the said rules says, no Government servant shall -

(a) Give or take or abet the giving or taking of dowry.

(b) Demand directly or indirectly, from the parent or guardian of a bride bridegroom, as the case may, any dowry.

Age Relaxation for appointment

Widows,divorced woman and woman judicially separated from their husbandsand who are not remarried are allowed age concession up to the age of 35years (40 years for member of SCs/STs) for posts of Group C&Dfiled throughSSC/Employment Exchange (O.M.No.15012/6/98-Estt.(D) dated 21.12.1998)

Special dispensation for women officers of North East Cadre.

All India Service lady officers borne on the North East Cadres may be allowedto go on inter cadre deputation after completion of six years of actual servicein the North East. Such lady officerswould also be eligible for deputation for amaximum of 9 years instead of five years. The lady officers would have theflexibility to utilize the maximum allowable period of inter cadre deputation intwo spells instead of one. (O.M.No.13017j 16j2003-AIS (1)dated 11.7.2006)In case of marriage between an All India Services lady officer borne on theNorth East Cadre and an officer of another Cadre, the lady officer would bemandatorily accommodated in the cadre of her spouse, if she so opts.(O.M.No.13017j 16j2003-AIS (1) dated 10.7.2006)

Change of Cadre in case of marriage of All India Service Officer

Inter cadre transfer is permitted for members of All India Service officers onmarriage to another member of All India Service where the officer or officersconcerned have sought a change. (O.M.No.13017j16j2003-AIS(1) dated8.11.2004).

Source: Department of Personnel & Training Memo No 13018/4/2009-Estt.(L) dated 8.7.2009

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