Friday, July 3, 2009


Para 24 of Railway Budget speech of Kumari Mamata Banerjee Hon'be Minister of Railways dated 3rd July 2009

“Mushkil Aasaan”

24. Madam, I think members will be very happy to know that how the facility of UTS can be reached to the “Maa Maati Manush” . Under the MoU between Railways and Department of Post, passengers can now buy computerized tickets from nearly 5000 post offices in cities and towns. Madam, this august house would be happy to know that I have decided to introduce mobile ticketing vans “Mushkil Aasaan” for issuing reserved and unreserved tickets in both urban and rural areas. Poor people who are unable to go to the stations can now purchase tickets in market places, mohallas and other busy places. In this year, we will introduce 50 such mobile vans in the country.

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