Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Railway issues order on Very Good Criteria for MACP for its staff

Sub: MACPs awarded from 25.7.2016 based upon VG criteria in APARs. 

As per Railway Board letter Xo.PC-W2016/MACPS/l dt.19/12/2016, Very Good criteria in APARs has been adopted. CRMS has pointed out in HQ PNM item No.29(4)/2017 that staff have not been provided with a copy or their APAR so that they can represent to the competent authority in case any of their APAR during the relevant period is falling short of Very Good.

The matter has heen examined. While copy Of the APAR is to be supplied to all the staff in terms of Railway Boarďs Ietter No. 2009/SCC/3/6 18/08/2009, in order overcome the problem on hand. it has been decided that copy Of the APARs of relevant years should be supplied to all such staff without fail who are going to be considered for MACP in the near future. The MACP Committee should not finalise proceedings in respect of such staff whose APAR during the relevant period is below the benchmark of VG, but its copy not been supplied to him. MACP proceedings in respect of such staff should be finalized only afer it is confirmed by the custodian of APARs that the same have been communicated to the staff and the period of representation is over.

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