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Unofficial Key for the Ps Group B exam for Paper-I held on 18.12.2016

1. What is the minimum period prescribed period for the premature closure of the account opened under SCSS Rules,2004?
Ans: One year

2. What is the maximum number of days in which the CPIO is required to transfer application seeking information held by another public authority or the subject matter of which is more closely connected with the functions of another public authority from the date of receipt of application?
Ans: 5 days

3. The main components of Look and feel of Project Arrow are 
Ans: Infrastructure, Technology and Branding (Ans: D)

4. Who can open a PPF account?
Ans: Both A and B above

5. The minimum period of redeposit in case of a TD account if the period elapsed between the date of maturity and the date of re-deposit is more than 12 months and upto 18 months is
Ans: 3 Years

6. A silent account is one in which a deposit or withdrawal has not taken place for 
Ans: 3 complete financial years

7. For repayment of full maturity value on the death of the depositor in case of Protected Savings Scheme of RD accounts, the period from the date of opening the account to the date of death of the depositor should not be less than
Ans: 2 years

8. What is the percentage of deposit that is deducted in case of PMC of the MIS before expiry of three years from the date of deposit?
Ans: 2%

9. What is the number of years for which the depositor of an SCSS account may extend the account by making an application within a period of one year after the maturity period of five years?
Ans: 3 Years

10. The maturity period of KVP issued from 01.10.2016 to 31.12.2016 is:
Ans: 9 years 4 months

11. What is the maximum amount that can be sanctioned by a PS Gr-B officer on the death of the holder of the S.C without nomination or legal evidence?
Ans: Rs. 20,000/-

12. The maturity value of NSC VIII issue of Rs. 10000 denomination purchased on or after 01.10.2016 till 31.12.2016 is 
Ans: Rs. 14693/-

13. What is the maximum weight of the Blind Literature Packet?
Ans: 7 Kgs

14. What is the maximum limit of value for which a value payable Express Parcel may be booked by a bulk customer?
Ans: Rs. 50,000/-

15. What is the registration charge for a value payable book packet containing printed books, the value of which does not exceed Rs. 50-?
Ans: Rs. 2.50

16. Registration shall be obligatory in the case of :
Ans: All of the above

17. The postage payable for an Airmail Postcard addressed to all countries other than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan is:
Ans: Rs. 12/-

18. The maximum sum assured of RPLI under non medical scheme is:
Ans: Rs. 25000/-

19. The maximum amount of a death claim under PLI that can be sanctioned by the Head of the Postal Division is:
Ans: Rs.10,00,000/-

20. The period of preservation of BO Account and BO Journal is:
Ans: 3 years

21. The form of receipt to be given to the sender of a n insured or VP article of the letter or parcel mail in the BPO is:
Ans: MS-87(a)

22. What is the period within which a GDS can petition under GDS(C&E) Rules, 2011?
Ans: 2 years

23. Which of the following is not a penalty under GDS (C&E) Rules, 2011?
Ans: Compulsory retirement

24. What is the rule under GDS (C&E) Rules, 2011 which mentions that a sevak shall avoid habitual indebtedness and insolvency?
Ans: Rule 27

25. Penalty for contravention of Section 4 of the IPO Act may extend upto
Ans: Rs. 50- for every such letter

26. Which section of the Government SB Act provides power to administer oath?
Ans: Section 9

27. What is the maximum limit of the value of the goods or service and the compensation, if any, claimed for the jurisdiction of the State Commission to entertain complaints?
Ans: One crore

28. Which one of the following is not a right under the Consumer Protection Act,
Ans: Right to health environment

29. The procedure and powers of CAT include:
Ans: D: All of the above

30. Which section of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 provides for punishment for money laundering?
Ans: Section 4

31. Which section of IT Act 2000 provides for the Publication of rule, regulation etc in Electronic Gazette?
Ans: Section 8

32. Right to information includes right to:
Ans: D: All of the above

33. As per Section 4 of the RTI Act every public authority shall not only maintain all its records but also publish the particulars of its organisation, functions and duties etc within a period of :
Ans: 120 days

34. The present rate of bonus for RPLI Children’s policies is:
Ans: Rs. 50/-

35. Complaints relating to loss or damage to a registered or insured article where a claim for compensation is made should be preferred within :
Ans: 3 months

36. The special rates of postage in respect of a book packet containing periodicals shall be applicable only if the following conditions are satisfied:
Ans: Both A and B above

37. The minimum number of copies to be posted under the scheme posting of news papers without prepayment of postage is:
Ans: 500 copies

38. Which of the following countries is not a member of the APPU?
Ans: Mauritius

39. The 26th Congress of the UPU was held in 2016 in:
Ans: Istanbul

40. The accounting of International Reply Coupons in India is done by Director of Accounts :
Ans: Kolkata

41. The tariff for small size Greeting Post Cards inclusive of postage of Rs. 5- is 
Ans: Rs. 14/-

42. The compensation to be paid in respect of International EMS articles for loss of contents / loss of article / damage is limited to:
Ans: 30 SDR

43. The present registration charges for letters, air letters, post cards and packets under foreign post is:
Ans: Rs. 70/- 

44. A transcription centre deals with:
Ans: Articles with addresses written in regional languages

45. Which of the following work is carried out in a Sub Foreign Post Office:
Ans: Customs examination

46. Orders issued by the Divisional Supdt. RMS prescribing changes in Sorting Lists are called:
Ans: A orders

47. Machine Franked articles posted in letter boxes should be treated as:
Ans: unpaid articles

48. The preservation period for Post Master order book is:
Ans: 3 years

49. Where is the mail for BOs normally transferred for disposal?
Ans: Sub Accounts branch

50. The account bag for the Head Office from Sub Office should not contain:
Ans: Mail to be delivered by Sub Post Offices in account with the HO

51. As per the Savings Certificates Act, 1959 where the sum due on the Savings Certificate is payable to two or more nominees and either or any of them dies, the sum shall be paid to the :
Ans: Surviving nominee or nominees

52. As the IT Act, 2000, “licence” means a licence granted to:
Ans: A Certifying Authority under Section 24

53. As per the PPF Act, 1968, where there is no nomination in force at the time of the death of the subscriber, the amount standing to his credit in the fund shall be payable to his:
Ans: Legal heirs

54. As per the RTI Act, 2005, the CIC at the time of deciding any complaint or appeal may impose maximum penalty on the CPIO amounting to:
Ans: Rs. 25000/-

55. The period of preservation of speed post delivery lists is:
Ans: 6 months

56. Which of the following officer do not report directly to the Secretary (Posts):
Ans: Corporate Planning (?)

57. The life of computer and peripherals is now fixed as:
Ans: 5 years

58. The articles of stock such as plant and machinery, furniture and fixtures are classed as:
Ans: Dead stock

59. The period of preservation of work papers of RMS office and sections is:
Ans: Eighteen months

60. If an MO is lost after payment has been effected, a memo of admission of payment in form MO 10(a) shall be prepared by:
Ans: Office of issue

61. What is the ceiling per annum prescribed in case of write off value of spoiled/damaged postage /rectt fee stamps in respect of SPOs?
Ans: Rs. 50000/-

62. What is the financial power of an RMS Divisional Head for sanction of annual or special repairs/maintenance expenses to departmental buildings ..... per annum per building?
Ans: Rs. 15000-

63. A PLI policy can be surrendered for an immediate payment in cash provided the policy is of not less than ... months duration and is in force on the date of application.
Ans: 36 months

64. As per the Speed Post discount structure and operational mechanism, what is the minimum business to be given in a calendar month for availing credit facility?
Ans: Rs. 10000/-

65. Purchas of goods upto the value of Rs. 15000- only on each occasion can be made without inviting quotations or bids , but on the basis of certificate to be recorded by competent authority. Which rule prescribes this under GFR Rules, 2005?
Ans: Rule 145

66. Bids have to be obtained through Advertised Tender for disposing surplus or obsolete or unserviceable goods, whose residual value is above...
Ans: Rs. 2 lakhs

67. What is number of digits in the computer generated confidential printed receipt when we book an iMO?
Ans: 16

68. The maximum limit that can be sent at a time only for personal use under IMTS as per applicable RBI regulations is:
Ans: 2500USD

69. This form is normally used for issuing instructions meant for internal administration. What is this form of communication?
Ans: Office Note

70. As per annual report of the year 2015-16, number of departmental Pos as on 31.03.2015 are:
Ans: 25560

71. The present definitive series of postage stamps depicts:
Ans: Makers of India

72. The DOP received in principle approval from RBI for setting up of PBI on 
Ans: 7th September’2015

73. CIS has been rolled out in.............Post offices as on 31.03.2016.
Ans: 25406

74. The LSM installed in New Delhi is having a sorting capacity of:
Ans: 30000 items per hour

75. E Post Office is an e-commerce portal of DOP through which customers can 
Ans: Both A and B above

76. DOP has launched the eIPO for:
Ans: Payment of RTI Fee

77. DOP is collecting scrutinising and uploading rural CPI data on behalf of MOS&PI in .........villages across the country.
Ans: 1181

78. In which of the following services the average cost is less than the average revenue?
Ans: Both A and B above

79. As per the Annual Report of the DOP for 2015-16 the number of heritage buildings in the Dept which have architectural value:
Ans: 38

80. The HQ of UPU is at:
Ans: Berne

81. MOF, DOE has introduced mandatory comprehensive end to end e-procurement in respect of all procurements with estimated value of Rs. 2 lakh and more w.e.f. 
Ans: 01.04.2016

82. As per recent guidelines on SB, closing of discontinued accounts and certificates like NSS 87 etc should be done only at:
Ans: Head Post Office

83. Withdrawal from SSY account is allowed in the following cases:
Ans: Both A and B above whichever is earlier

84. The PBs remaining undelivered for more than.........months in a HO will be transferred by HO for safe custody to SBCO once a month along with register of undeliverable PBs.
Ans: 3 months

85. What is the limit of verification of withdrawals from SA made at BOs and Single Handed Pos?
Ans: Rs.10,000-

86. Reconciliation certificate under Rule 87(15) of POSB Manual Vol. I and Rule 50(17) of POSB Manual Vol. II can be issued by:
Ans: Both B and C above

87. As per the MNOP, which of the following statement are correct in respect of first class mails:
Ans: D (?).

88. Select the incorrect statement in respect of Rosters:
Ans: 50% limit is applied to backlog vacancies.

89. As per the India Post Citizen Charter, maximum time line fixed for settlement of PLI/RPLI death claim which does not involve investigation is:
Ans: 30 days

90. Which project of DOP received the National e-governance award 2012-13 under the category “outstanding Performance in citizen-centric service delivery” by DARPG :

91. In accordance with the provisions of Article 343 of the Constitution, Hindi became official language of the Union w.e.f:
Ans: 26.01.1965

92. A request for alteration of DOB of a GS can be considered subject to other conditions if the request is made within.........of his entry into govt service.
Ans: five years

93. As per the India Post Citizen Charter, maximum timelines fixed for settlement of SB death claim without nomination which is beyond the power of DH is:
Ans: 10 days

94. The APAR should be completed by the reporting officer and submitted to the Reviewing Officer by:
Ans: 30th June

95. The threshold for hard and deserving cases for compassionate appointment of dependents of GDS is now....points.
Ans; 36 

96. The minimum percentage of qualifying marks for OBC candidates in aggregate for promotion to the post of PM and MG from amongst GDS is:
Ans: 37

97. The business post rates for franking of regd articles has been revised from 01.04.2015 as:
Ans: 50 paisa

98. As per Directorate instructions dated 13.08.2013 the productivity for sorting of SP articles per hour is:
Ans: 1000 articles

99. Which section of IPO Act mentions about the “Exclusive privilege of conveying of letters reserved to the government”?
Ans: Section 4

100. Reservation in recruitment does not apply to:
Ans: All the three above

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