Saturday, November 5, 2016

Formation of adhoc body of Association Branch in J&K circle

Dear IPs/ASPs working in the J&K circle, 

As you know that our Associations branch in J&K circle is defunct since years together due to some unavoidable circumstances. But many IPs/ASPs including ex-CS are still in touch with CHQ and recently they deposited some money as donation in CHQ account. 

I would like to bring to notice of our members that, as per the request of few IPs/ASPs working in J&K Circle, CHQ has formed time being adhoc body for three months vide letter No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/Adhoc-body/J&K/2015 dated 18/6/2015 and requested CPMG J&K Circle to extend trade union facilities to adhoc body, but unfortunately the letter addressed to CPMG J&K Circle is found not given proper attention and period of adhoc body was expired. 

It is therefore requested to IPs/ASPs working in J&K circle to once again take up necessary steps for revival of branch at their circle at the earliest. CHQ is ready to extend all kind of help to our IPs/ASPs working in J&K circle. All the best to them. 

Yours friend, 

(Vilas Ingale) 
General Secretary 

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