Thursday, June 9, 2016

Promotion and Postings in the Postal Service Group 'B' cadre - Order date 09.06.2016

To view the notification issued by Directorate under No. 9-02/2015(I)-SPG dated 09.06.2016, please CLICK HERE. 

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  1. I belongs 1992 batch of IP and my all INDIA seniority was 41st of that batch. So many of my juniors were promoted to PSS GR.B cadre already. Only my case was left out without any valid reason. Though there was no punishment for me on occasion of DPC for 2015-16 vacancies held in Oct.15. I hoped to consider in opening of sealed cover procedure. but even then though those who had immediate punishment was set aside were also given promotion and I was again ignored. I almost shocked to find that my name was excluded in the supplementary DPC also. When I had enquired with Cicle administration every time it was told that Clear vigilance status report sent. clear report in my case sent on also on 2nd feb.2016 C.O . I ahd collected all details and there was no mention any where other than a severe warning which will not constitute for debarrment of promotion as per Instructions and rules issued from DOPt. I had waited maximum for my due promotion and it is a painful matter that while 11 of my juniors of 1996,1997,and of 1998 batches officiating in Kerala circle I am denied my promotion w/o any valid reason. it is most unjust action to deny the due promotion on flimsy grounds. Only those experienced such situation will know the agony and pain of a senior official when denied promotion for no valid reason. I wonder to whom I had to complaint about such a situation