Monday, March 23, 2015

India Post gets deliverance from the web

For India Post, the sudden growth in Indian e-commerce space has come as a lifeline

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  1. For better implementation of COD(Spcod and BPCOD) , we should make lot of changes in Postman module and speednet module. Presently it is fully dependent on Pincode , as customers are not aware of pincode they give Dist HQs , main post office pincode rather than their home pincode. as a result the article will come to correct destination but the message will not come . Due to this it becomes very difficult for office to deliver the article and even if we given request the message wont come and we force send it as service eMO. I had suggestion , Let the messages of the COD article to be kept in central server(PTC) and those office(Destination) which receives artilces gives the request and based on this message comes to destination and it will delivered on next day and it will be accounted easily thru net..

    Prathap Krishnan