Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cadre Restructuring and Merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B

It is learnt from Directorate that, compilation work on the information gathered / ascertained from Circles about the availability of Class I Posts in the department and further preparation of note etc thereon is going on. When circles have nearly taken 2 months to submit simple information to Directorate, then how we can expect immediate course of action from them. Our members are working in each and every Regional / Circle Office. It is noticed since last several months that, our members are not so serious to give proper response to the instructions / appeals/ directions issued by CHQ through this bog and by email/SMS/telephone calls etc. to materialized this vital issue before submission of 7CPCs report to Govt. However, CHQ is in touch with the officers of Directorate to persue the matter on top priority basis. Lets keep hope alive.


  1. As already commented, the members nowadays are lack of selfless ness and particularly those who are working in RO/CO. They think that they are superior to other comrades and not at all taking interest in collecting and supplying information. Even the transfer posting orders are not informed by them which pose serious problems for officer bearers. The CS also should take more responsibilities in collecting information through some sources close to his in RO/CO which is his prime duties afterall.

  2. This is of course true. thank you for your observations. please let me know to which circle you belongs . the things same every where.

  3. This is more or less same every where. I had many such experiences in my long service . Unlike the general cadre , the thinking by our friends is different. which were not helpful to many. Thank you for your observations. may I know to which circle you belongs.