Saturday, October 11, 2014

CHQ need information on following issues....

Following information is not received from Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers
1. Vacancy position of PS Gr. B posts in circle as on 1/12/2014.
2. Confirmation of updation of ACRs/APARs from the officers who are in the zone of promotion for PS Gr. B cadre and its submission to RO/CO.
3. Total vacancy position of Direct Recruit Inspector Posts in the circle.
4. Updation of PS Gr. B seniority list circulated by Directorate under No. 9-02/2013-SPG dated 16/9/2014. Names of retired / expired and promoted officers to be deleted by each circle.
5. Details of surplus qualified IPs who are yet to join to their parent circle. Directorate has already issued orders to each circle to consider the request of IPs under Rule 38 on 21/7/2014. CLICK HERE to see Directorate memo.

        Circle Secretaries will only furnish the information to GS by email. 

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