Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fixation of inter-se seniority of the Direct Recruit Inspector Posts and Promotee Inspector Posts & consequent issue of Circle Gradation List of Inspector Posts.

To view copy of letter addressed to Member (P), please CLICK HERE.


  1. All DR IPs may check the status of their seniority in their respective circle and may represent if their seniority is not found fixed properly.

  2. In the recent judgement (november 2012) by Apex court declared that the seniority to be based on the vacancy year. brief details given below;

    CIVIL APPEAL NO(s). 7514-7515 OF 2005

    UNION OF INDIA & ORS. Appellant (s)


    N.R. PARMAR & ORS. Respondent(s)

    Civil Appeal NO. 3876-3880 of 2007
    Civil Appeal NO. 7516 of 2005
    T.C.(C) NO. 91 of 2006
    T.P.(C) NO. 681 of 2006

    Date: 27/11/2012 These Appeals/T.C./T.P. were called on for
    pronouncement of judgment today.

    For Appellant(s) Mr. B.V. Balaram Das,Adv.
    CA 7514-15/05 &
    TP(C) 681/06 & rr In
    CA 3876-80/07,
    TC 91/06, CA 7516/05

    TC(C)91/06, CA Dr. Krishan Singh Chauhan, Adv.
    7516/05 & rr in
    CA 3876-80/07

    CA 3876-80/07 & rr
    In TC(C) 91/06 Mr. Ajay Sharma, Adv.

    For Respondent(s) In-Person (Not Present)

    Mr. T. Mahipal ,Adv

    Mr. R.C. Kaushik ,Adv

    Mr. Kishan Datta, Adv.

    Mr. Subramonium Prasad ,Adv

    Ms. Ruchi Kohli, Adv.


    Hon'ble Mr. Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar pronounced the
    judgment of the Bench comprising Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.K.Jain
    and His Lordship.
    T.P. No. 681 of 2006 is allowed. Civil appeals, the transferred case, as well as, the transfer petition (filed by the direct recruits and the Union of India) are allowed. The claim of the promotees, that the direct recruit Income Tax Inspectors, in the instant case should be assigned seniority with reference to the date of their actual
    appointment in the Income Tax Department is declined.

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    |Court Master | |Court Master |