Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Filing of CAT case at Ernakulam Bench for upgradation of GP.

All documentation work to file OA at Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench for up-gradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- completed. The case is likely to be filed very soon. 

It is once again appealed to circle secretaries who have yet not remitted their donation quota should contact General Secretary immediately.


  1. thank you, good development

  2. Sir,

    Its great step by our association, now its responsibility of all Circle secretaries to fund generously.


  3. Sir
    I suppose the following points are taken into due consideration in draft OA.
    1. SSC recommends on the basis of merit-cum-preference from amongst all qualified candidates. Mr. Premanand's isolated merit case needs to be supported with documentary proof of preferential criteria.
    2. The authority of ministry of finance to adjudge different cadres in different ministries including our cadres in DOP needs to be challenged. The DOPT happens to be the nodal agencies to adjudge various cadres. Further, the authority of govt. to challenge the statutory body's recommendation needs to be challenged. The necessity of constitution of statutory learned pay commission for study of parity in various cadres needs to be emphasized.
    3. The ASP cadre is Gr. B Gazetted and doesn't have all India transfer liability just like Gr. B Gazetted cadres in CBDT/CBEC. PS Gr. B cadre is having all India service liability just like other Gr. A cadres in different ministries. Then why all India comparison of Gr. B cadre starts from PS Gr. B cadre in our department.
    4. When it comes to IPO cadre, govt. upholds that it isn't comparable with other inspectors cadres. How the IPoS cadre in our department is comparable with so-called similarly situated allied cadres in other ministries when the nature of duty,working condition, general expectation etc. differs?
    5. The necessity of filling an elaborate OA like an original application needs to be deliberated upon with legal experts in addition to the designated lawyers.
    The above points came to my mind after reading the draft OA. I just expressed without remaining silent.
    Yours faithfully
    J. Dash

  4. sir if money is the problem in filing the case then every individual of insp/asp should be asked for individual donation...

  5. My moral support for futher action this regard