Thursday, March 14, 2013

Changes in Opening Time of CGHS Dispensaries

The Minister of Health and Family Welfare clarified in the Parliament pertaining to the issue of opening time of CGHS dispensaries…
The opening time of CGHS dispensaries in Delhi & NCR has been changed to 9.00 AM except in case of six dispensaries which are working for 24 hours a day. Working hours of CGHS dispensaries have been revised with a view to ensure optimum utilization of scarce manpower resources of CGHS to improve the functioning of CGHS and also the satisfaction level of CGHS beneficiaries. Doctors can now devote more time towards patient care with extended working hours of 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM. It will also help Administration in implementing rotational transfer policy in CGHS.
The working hours of CGHS dispensaries have been revised keeping in view the larger interest of CGHS beneficiaries including serving employees and pensioners. With the computerization of all CGHS dispensaries and universal application and portability of CGHS cards, one can easily avail the CGHS facilities from any CGHS dispensary/First Aid Post near to his residence or place of work as per his/her convenience and there is no compulsion to go to his parent dispensary for medical consultation and medicines. The revised working hours will provide longer effective working hours for availing the facilities. They can access CGHS dispensary even during the lunch hours.

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