Saturday, January 5, 2013


In an innovative gesture, the Department of Posts has been bringing out calendar based on theme of stamps issued. The 2010 calendar was on the set of highly popular 'Dasavatar' stamps based on Jayadev's 12th century epic 'Geetagovinda'. India Post 2011 Calendar was based on the theme of ‘Buddha’ and India Post Calendar 2012 was based on the theme of “Sculptural Heritage of India”. The Calendars were widely appreciated and carried favorable media coverage. Taking this initiative forward Department of Posts has now released India Post 2013 Calendar based on the theme of Astrological Signs.
The occult has always held a fascination for the human mind. Whether it is deemed an art or a mathematically accurate science, the fascination remains. From the days of Vedic astrology and the Delphic Oracle to current days, we have an inherent curiosity about ourselves, our past and future.

The twelve zodiac signs are represented by figures and symbols and associated with constellations and planets and their old Greek or Roman or Indian legends. Without any partisanship on the veracity or otherwise of astrology and the occult arts, the Department of Posts had issued a set of stamps on zodiac astrological signs. The designs of the stamps are rooted in Indian folk art and depict the 12 zodiac signs- against four base colours which reflect the elements of earth, air, fire and water. India Post 2013 Calendar is inspired by these postage stamps.

India Post 2013 Calendar is available at various Philatelic Bureaux in the country at the price of Rs. 250/- each.
To view the details about calendar, please CLICK HERE. 

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