Friday, March 11, 2011

Courier Firms to be regulated

If the government has its way, all private courier operators would have to register themselves before entering the market.This would mean a fair contest between the so-called high speed private operators that charge heavily and the humble government speed post delivery system that costs less. During 2009-2010,its delivered a whopping 2408 lakh items to people across the country.The corresponding delivery by private operators is not known as there is no database for them.
Soon the Ministry of Communications and information Technology will pilot major amendments to the Indian Post Office Act, 1898, to make registration and regulation of the private courier service sector compulsory. "At present, there are no regulatory mechanisms to know which courier companies are operating in the country. We plan to bring changes in the legislation to ensure that all private courier operators register themselves and are accountable at same level," Union Communication Minister Kapil Sibal said today.
Source: The Tribune dated 10th  March 2011.   

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