Monday, March 5, 2018


We are aware that the result of LDCE for promotion to PS Group-B has not been declared due to pendency of cases  before the honourable CAT.  The PS Group-B exam was held on 18th December 2016 and already 14 months lapsed. Many candidates are eagerly waiting for results so that they may plan accordingly as this month is the most crucial being the end/beginning of academic year of children.It was also decided in AIC held at RAJGIR  to pursue the case for early declaration of result.A team comprising of Myself (GS), CHQ President, Treasure,  Vice-president and OG Secretary had contacted the Secretary , Member(P), DDG, Directors and other officers and requested for early declaration of result . The officers assured for early declaration of result. It was also intimated that CAT cases are also causing delay. At this stage , pursuing the O.As/M.As already filed  will hamper not only the interest of the candidates, it will also cause delay to future LDCE. It is learnt that 02 MAs have been filed before CAT Ernakulam Bench by a member in individual capacity in this connection.  All such members are requested to withdraw the cases filed by them and clear path for declaration of result.   

It is also made clear that this Association has not filed any case as on date regarding LCDE PS Group-B conducted in the year 2016 and neither it supports nor sponsors such cases.

New CHQ body is having full of youth and is committed to take care of both Exam aspirants as well as of seniors so now onwards nothing one sided will take place. As far as declaration of result  and DPC  are concerned, CHQ is going to write it to DG for instant action.

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