Saturday, March 12, 2016

Jeevan Pramaan For Pensioners

Three stakeholders are to act for  executing Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan Certificate).

1.   Applicants (Pensioner)
2.   Jeevan Pramaan Portal (Aadhaar Portal)
3.   PAIS Server (Department of Posts Server)

Registration Process for pensioner  to Jeevan Pramaan Portal

1.   For Registration in the Jeevan Pramaan Portal pensioner will access 
2.   Pensioner will enter the Mobile No. and Aadhaar No. to the portal for Registration.
3.   If mobile number is not available with the pensioner, He/She  can enter the mobile number of his family member for generating OTP number to complete the registration process.
4.   Once OTP No. will be generated , Pensioner can register himself on  the Jeevan Pramaan  Portal.
5.   Personal details of the Pensioner are entered to complete the registration.6.
6.   Some of the mandatory fields are given below :-
a.)  Aadhaar No.
b.)  Mobile No.
c.)  Name of Pensioner
d.)  Address
e.)  PPO No.
f. )  S.B A/C  No , Post office Name and Pin code.
g.)  Pin Code
h.)  Life Certificate
i.)   Re Marriage
j.)   Re-employment
k.)  Authentication date
l.)   Pramaan ID
m.)   Gender 
n.)   Date of birth

View/ Download the Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners PPT

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