Thursday, December 24, 2015

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A)   As our all members aware that Directorate vide memo No. 9-9/2015-SPG dated 2nd December 2015 has forwarded the copies of seniority lists of Inspector Posts cadre from 1992 to 1999 to all circles for up-dation by giving target date 10/12/2015. On enquiry it is learnt that not a single circle has updated the seniority lists provided by Directorate.  The updation of seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre is required at the time of calling APARs and other documents for holding the DPC meetings for promotion to cadre of PS Gr. B.

B)   Directorate vide DO No. 4-18/2015-SPG dated 27th November 2015 called for APARs of the PS Gr. B officers falling within the ZoC for the period from 2009-10 to 2014-15 for holding of DPC for promotion to Junior Time Scale (JTS) of Indian Postal Service (IPoS) Group ‘A’ for the vacancy year 2016-17. The APARs and documents/papers as required to Directorate are to be submitted in person by the concerned AD/APMG (Staff) of the circle on the allotted date. It is noticed that, in this matter also there is no positive action from circles.

It is not understood, as to why our circle secretaries and CHQ officer bearers are not taking interest to get such type of work done on target date from their circle administration. Secondly, it is also the responsibility of all members working in ROs / COs to keep liaison with circle administration and ensure submission of required and requisite information to Directorate on or before the target date. If delay happens at our end, we can’t blame Directorate. 

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  1. Sir you are very much interested to give promotions to GR.B and GR A. But why there was not any action regarding denial of promotion to me on false grounds and I also had brought it your kind notice also. but you were never helpful to me and replied to me in negative when I requested your help . I was having a warning against me and not any serious cases of RULE 16 or RULE 14 against me. The File was unnecessarily held up at the O/O DPS CR Kerala and because of this the C.O. did not gave a clear chit in my case though every body of the circle knows the fact. I am ashamed of the existence of such an association which cannot do justice its members but joining with the administration for its personal vendetta.You pl. enquire what was my case and respond