Monday, September 14, 2015

DPC : PS Gr. B for the vacancy year 2015-16 .... updates

Today, Directorate has called for the vacancy position in PS Gr. B cadre as on 1/9/2015, 1/10/2015 and 1/11/2015 from all circle by return post. The details of PS Gr. B officers working in other circles has also been called for to decide their request applications for repatriation to parent circle. I hope that DPC would be convened in the 1st week of October 2015, if all circles will co-operate for submission of requisite information to Directorate within 2 days.
It is therefore directed to all Circle Secretaries, CHQ office bearers and IP/ASP working in circle office to ensure submission of their circles information before 16/9/2015. The vacancy position submitted by circles should be reported to GS by SMS or whatsApp on CHQ group.

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  1. Chain vacancies are not included. It would have created more space. GS may kindly see that reallotment of officers working outside is done before allotment of newly promoted Officers. In the supplementary DPC 14-15 people were allotted in home Circle notwithstanding the fact that many officers were awaiting their transfer to that Circle, Odisha Circle for example.