Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Clarification regarding transfer of ASP under Rule 38 of Postal Manual Vol.IV

To view, clear copy, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 


  1. This is very sad that dept is taking decisions only against the cadre. Many of DR candidates will be deprived of transfers only because they got promotion.


  2. What if there may be case if one ASP apply for the rule 38 for a circle where his all senior in all India list are already working as ASP than dont you think one should be permitted under rule 38 for such circle.

    Second let directorate make all India seniority list and accordingly rule 38 possibility can be seen. So genuine cases should not be avoided of rule 38 just to avoid anomaly in some cases.

    Even one can wait for some more time and if his all senior become ASP he can again apply.

    Its not logical and against the welfare of employees. Hope our union will do some thing for it and will not keep quite