Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Prime Minister’s Assurance on One Rank One Pension

After hoisting the national flag at the Red Fort, the Prime Minister addressed the nation. Here are excerpts from the speech.’
“A number of governments have come and gone before us. They have all dealt with the One Rank One Pension problem. The scheme was presented to all of them. Each of those governments has given small assurances and promises on it, but the problem was never solved.
“I too give my word on this occasion, but this is not the word of an individual. This is the promise of this country of 125 crore people and I’m saying this as I stand in front of the tricolour at the Red Fort. We will accept and implement the One Rank One Pension policy. Talks are on with a number of organizations regarding this.
“The results of this talk will be in such a manner that it will support the development of one and all. Based on the talks, I’m convinced that good results will come out of it.
“Let me assure once again that One Rank One Pension policy has been accepted by the government. We will implement it after analyzing the main critical issues involved in it and talking to the stakeholders concerned.”

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