Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Children of Government servants should study only in Government schools – Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court has issued strict orders that the children of government employees should study only at government schools.
A Public Interest Litigation was filed at the Allahabad High Court stating that in Uttar Pradesh, led by its Samajwadi party Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, the government-run schools do not have sufficient teachers. The officials were not taking any steps to improve the standard of education in these schools and infrastructure was poor.
After hearing the arguments, Justice Sudhir Agarwal issued an order, excerpts of which are provided below:
All the government employees shall enroll their children only at government-run schools. The rule is applicable also to the representatives of the people, and the employees of the justice department. The state government can impose penalties to stop them from admitting their children to private schools.
The employees can be made to pay as penalty the sum that they had paid as fees to the private schools. The revenue thus generated can be added to the state exchequer. The Chief Secretary of the state was given six months to submit a report on this reform.

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